Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Today we sat down for a serious conversation.

So last week my mother found a letter stuffed under a sofa seat which said that my husband had a CCJ.  This has prompted the 'serious conversation' of sitting down with the husband to discuss exactly which debts he has.

It's around £7100.00 all told that we have to worry about.  My folks have offered £2k towards them. So we've had to sit down and decide which debt to pay it against.  The repayments are quite high, about £80 a week and hopefully this will reduce them by £25 which is quite a lot of money to us.

This has been stressful, just discussing the debts - even though it is with potential to pay part back, just the thought of the debt makes every sinew tighten and my hackles rise.  Although it may not sound a lot we're not on a big income so it's an awful, awful amount of money to us, particularly when our outgoings and incomings are very similar with little room to economise.  These are also debts which have already been through the court process so any default could lead straight to bailiffs at our door.

It wouldn't be too bad but we are in a very uncertain situation at the moment with my work as they are messing me about with my flexible working request.  I put the request in August and didn't hear anything back until recently when they arranged a meeting for the 22nd November but now even that has been cancelled. I'm supposed to be finishing mat leave and going onto annual leave next month with a return in January next year.

However if they turn down my request which was for a 3 day working week I don't think I could bear to go back and leave the baby I have tried for 10 years for in a nursery 5 days a week and just see him at weekends.  This does raise the spectre that if I am not working for a while we may end up in a situation where we can't meet the payments and I hate to think of what would happen if we defaulted.

Anyway, trying to be positive and apply for some part time jobs, perhaps in something more rewarding than the job I have at the moment.

All this and it's poor Mr Skint's birthday today. It has not been particularly festive.

Such is being a skint Mum, but onwards and upwards, we will get through this, a lot less upbeat than yesterday though.

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