Wednesday, 14 November 2012

So, I have started to apply for new jobs.

As I mentioned in my last post my work are not getting back to me about a flexible work request I submitted in August.  Well they did get back to me with a meeting date on the 22nd of November, then cancelled it and have not got back to me.  Considering my leave is due to turn into annual leave on the 14th of December this is cutting it really, really fine.  Although I'm not due to go back until late Jan after my leave.  I really don't want to go back five days a week, I couldn't imagine being away from Skint Junior for that amount of time each week.

So today I have started applying for new part-time jobs, specifically one doing senior admin at the University which I used to work at.  I loved it there, I loved the purpose of working towards peoples education.  The job I'm in at the moment is mainly concerned with I.T. sales.  And it's boring.  Oh so boring.  Quite like working with the geeks though, they're a lot of fun, particularly on works nights out.  But really I don't come home with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction because I have administered the sale of two software servicing contracts, I really don't.

And although the money is similar it would mean losing my bonus.  Which I don't always get and wouldn't be that big if I was part-time.

And really I'm not that motivated by money, perhaps this is why I'm skint?

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