Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Officially part time

I am now officially going to be returning to work 3 days a week in the New Year.

I was convinced I wouldn't be.  Things didn't seem to be boding well last night.  First of all a certain young man decided he had no intention of sleeping and was bouncing off the wall from 11pm to 3am. I tried everything, Waybuloo's on I-Player, got out the big guns with Brahms and Mozart.  Nothing worked.  Eventually at quarter to 3 I hit on the bright idea of Calpol and he went off shortly afterwards so I am assuming that his teeth were at him.

So finally I'm thinking I can get at least 6 hours sleep with any luck.  Wrong.

4am loud banging noises in the back garden, sounds like somebody is trying to access one of the back sheds and I doubt any of my neighbours were up for a bit of midnight gardening.  At this point I'm just lying there thinking 'I don't care, just take the lawnmower, Mr Skint hardly bothers to use it anyway'.  Cue much tumbling downstairs next door and much shouting.  My neighbours a big bloke, he can deal with it.   Back to sleep.

5am Mr Skint is up banging around though he does need to work so I can't moan. But I'm still awake.

6am next door decides to start blowdrying her hair, we have thin walls in these little terraces.

7am other neighbour gets the hoover out for some bizarre reason.

8am my mother rings to 'make sure I'm up nice and early for my meeting'.  Thanks Mum.  This has woken up SJ as well so there is no chance of any more sleep.  Think I had 40 minutes all night total and a hugely important meeting today.  Dosed myself up on coffee and set off hoping for the best.

With these inauspicious starts I was expecting a big battle, trying to think up lucid arguments for reasons why 3 days a week would be reasonable and workable which I've been going over since August but in my sleep deprived state I was finding it hard to recall them or at least get them into any kind of lucid logical order.  'At least' I thought, 'this will give me something to right about in my blog',  A decent narrative and a sense of burning injustice at how working mothers are treated by the business world could give a few decent blogs as could a job search.

Well unfortunately for my blog but fortunately for everything else I walked into the meeting and was told that everything I'd asked for was fine and when would I like to come back?  I'm  also going to get two nice holiday payments as though I'm still full time.

Why isn't everything always this easy?  So from a terrible start to the day I am now feeling incredibly positive and have got the best news I could have hoped for out of  the day.  After a tough week last week things are looking up.  What I'm going to right in my blog now I don't know. But perhaps a better dilemma to have.

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