Thursday, 29 November 2012

Backdoor shenanigans

Well the title might be slightly misleading but it might get me some google hits.

Guess which eejjit didn't close the back door then rang the police saying they'd been burgled this week. That's right. Me. D'oh.

In my defence it did look like our TV might have gone when I looked through the front window. And when I
 got there I was on my own with the baby and none of my neighbours were in to help me check the house. One of them got back after about 10 mins and stood outside and waited while I checked. So I phoned the police back and told them I was a moron but they still wanted to come round and check that I was a moron.

AND I couldn't find my handbag for while yesterday, and I was really pleased because I thought that meant I was right and someone had been in after all. Then I found it and was all pissed off.

The police were very nice about it, and I am being told if I had gone into a house full of burglars with the baby I would have been being stupid.

However I am feeling extremely embarrassed.  And will be thoroughly checking the back door from now on.

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