Monday, 12 November 2012

Sometimes I feel like a scummy mummy

I have been out today.  Softplay.  The council estate of baby activities.  In fairness it is not bad value, £2.00 for a coffee and biscuit which includes a song and signing session with babies and a play on the softplay bit which Skint Junior loves.

And it's an excuse for us to eat junk. Yes I know I shouldn't.  But we like it. And my excuse is that it's good for his motor skills.  Giving a baby cucumber sticks is all very well and good, but if you really want him building up some speed and working out how to agilely move his hand at a rapid speed from plate to mouth chips is the only way forward.  People who stick to carrots will still have their babies poking themselves in the eye with sticks months after clever little chip monsters have worked our where their gob is and the most efficient way to shovel fries into it at top speed. It's all about incentive innit.

Then he had a banana.  And we felt smug.

One of the mums I met up with had organised four little plastic pots which she takes everywhere with her always topped up with breadsticks, cucumber, tomatoes and plum.  We felt less smug and more scummy.

In fact the moment she whipped them out I was cack handedly trying to sort out a bottle of formula.  The ring of the bottle went flying across the floor, of course I couldn't find it so she had to point it out for me.  So she knew it had been on the floor.  And Skint Junior REALLY wanted that bottle.  So I'm left with a choice between a screaming unhappy thirsty baby or blatantly bunging a bottle which has had parts which have recently been sitting on a floor in a public area in my baby's gob.  I rubbed it on my jumper, muttered something about it being good for his immune system and went for it. He has not as yet shown any ill effects.

I have today picked out a birthday present for Mr Skint with that facility beloved of Skint Mums everywhere of credit.  This is usually A VERY BAD THING but I figure we have Christmas coming and I can use some of the present money to pay it off.  I've bought him a lovely t-shirt from Next.  Well it's quite lovely. It's alright. I hope he won't use it as a dishcloth.  And a jumper which I quite like but he probably won't wear.  I have inserted pictures so you can giggle at my poor taste/feel sorry for Mr Skint.

So I've come home, fed SJ something healthy and homemade from the Annabel Karmel book.  He ate nearly all of it and now the cat is finishing it off. (Separately from the baby, even I draw the line at cat/baby eating from a bowl at the same time).  I find the Annabel Karmel stuff is quite good because you can make loads of it and freeze so it works out quite economical but that's another blog.  Perhaps I will witter on about that tomorrow.  But there I do feed him some healthy stuff, perhaps I am not so scummy after all.

And I've watched Coronation Street and got quite angry about Marcus who is gay suddenly not being gay any more and being in love with Maria. I didn't think it' worked like that. Charlie Condou, who plays Marcus is a veteran gay campaigner and I'm rather surprised he agreed to do a story line like this.  It rather implies being gay is temporary or something that can be changed or 'cured' in a way which I'm not sure I feel comfortable with.

HA! There I had a left wing liberal political thought, even though I feed my baby chips that must make me a good person and not at all scummy.

And now I am off to eat some vegetable based .slop from a recipe of of Weight Watchers website. Again, healthy and unscummy, whilst also being a relatively cheap one to do consisting mostly of a can of beans, tomatoes and mushrooms and some spices to actually make it taste of something approaching pleasant.

But there is my day in a nutshell, I've even managed to convince myself I am not that scummy though any readers may disagree. In fact in honour of my non-scummyness I may share a Petit Filous with Skint Junior.  See, even got some French education in there, definitely not a scummy mummy at all.

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