Friday, 16 November 2012

This was supposed to be a light hearted blog...

....bust so much serious stuff has happened.

So finally, almost 3 months after submitting it I have the meeting for my flexible work request set up next Tuesday.  I am going and taking the baby with me to sit with one of my team mates for half an hour.  I am hopeful they will let me go down to 3 days a week, after all it's only an admin job.  But I'm unsure if they will, who knows what the politics of work are behind the scenes.

But the problem is that if they insist I work 5 days, as well as not wanting to leave my son, I will effectively be paid nothing for the extra two days I work when you factor in childcare costs and lost tax credits.  Who'd want to work two extra days for nothing?  If they insist I don't think I'll go back.  I wouldn't have to have my arm twisted too much to be honest, the job is boring and I'd love to do something more interesting in a sector which was more rewarding like education or health like I used to, but with the cuts this might be impossible as not much is available, although I have applied for a fixed term job at the University I used to work at just in case.  I just can't motivate myself with sales.

My supervisor has just gone back after her leave too and our work have not been too helpful.  They've refused to allow 30 minute lunches to shorten our day and have refused 'official' working hours to go after 5.30pm.  I say official because I suspect that both the 1hr lunch break rule and the 'official hours end at 5.30pm' rule are because they know that they get free work out of people in the last half of their lunch and by them staying late.  I think it's a reluctance to start paying people for things they'd get for free anyway, and I suppose if they gave it to one person they'd have to give it to everybody.   I'm travelling to the nursery and back on public transport and haven't managed to find one particularly close to either my home, work or tram stop so I'm really going to struggle to fit in dropping the baby off, travel to work, work, 1 hr lunch, work, travel pick up baby into the space between 8-6.

Not sure what's happened to this blog, it was supposed to be light hearted look at the things I did with my baby to have fun without much money but it just so happens over the last few days it's all been about the 'not much money' part and very little about the 'fun' part.

Have to remember that ultimately it's all worth it, my little boy is the most amazing thing ever and I love every moment of being a mother.  After trying for him for so many years I know how many people long for the chance to be a mother and don't get it so I feel privileged every moment that I am one.   I was very proud of my little dude today, he's 8 months and he's decided his current mission is becoming a standy uppy baby.  I'm amazed by the way they build up to doing these things, it's like watching someone do a constant gym work out, the motivation and determination is just astounding.  If I could nick a bit myself this baby fat would be gone in no time at all!

So, plans for this weekend are to have some fun and find something funny to write about.  I am thinking some hand printing activities to make hand prints for Gran and Great Gran.  Should be fun... and messy....and Lord knows I need some fun after the week I've had!

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