Sunday, 11 November 2012

So this is my first blog - a bit about me and what I'm trying to write about.  I am, as the title suggests, a skint mum.  Working family, Dad does 50 hour weeks and I'm currently on maternity leave but still skint, debts need paying, everything is expensive.  I'm sure you know the score.

Yet I'm living in a world where all us mothers are supposed to be Boden wearing, Cath Kidston designed, yoga bending yummy mummies.  I wish.  I'm smart enough to know what the ideal is but far, far away from being financially able to achieve it - I know what it's like to be snubbed at baby massage class because I'm a bit too Primark for some people's taste anyway (shame, this actually happened). So rather than the ideal I have to confess I am a Primark wearing, Wilko's designed, chubby puke stained bleurgh of a mummy.

So this me, trying to eke a good enough life out of very little for me and my family whilst along the way trying to avoid too many pitfalls with work, childcare and general parenting with very little money.

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